Valet Parking

Valet Parking

We are Welltrans Valet Parking in Calicut, has established to maintain Parking Services in Premier locations. We are providing a full range of valet parking and parking management services across the region. we provide services for Hotels, Restaurants, Hospitals, Retail Outlets, Entertainment Areas, Office Buildings, Special Events, Banks and Government sectors. Running our operations in and all around Calicut. we provide on Demand valet parking service and transportation solutions. Our management and staff with great experience in the valet industry, Save your time and money. Our professional valet parking services with a highly trained professional valet service attendant takes appropriate care and safety considerations for our operations.

What We Do

We are the biggest service providers for valet parking in the city and we are committed in proving the finest care and excellent service to our customers and to their vehicles.

We undertake the complete valet services for any events and celebrations with the complete safety and responsibility for the vehicles.

We have more than a 1000 satisfied customer in and around the city from various multinational companies, shopping malls, hotels and resorts.

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